Friday, June 23, 2017

Report by Judy Burwash with Highlights of the Section AGM
Congratulations to Judy for receiving the Coaches Choice Award at the AGM Banquet!

2017 Skate Canada BC/YK Section AGM

It was a pleasure to attend the AGM as a delegate of the Sandy Shores SC. The weekend consisted of workshops during the day on Friday, a boat cruise with live auction on Friday night, the AGM itself on Saturday morning and the awards gala on Saturday night.  I was also invited to attend the Judges Core Committee meeting as a guest.

Workshop summary:

1. STAR 1 – 5.

·         Change in role of coach and test chair. The coach will now conduct tests in all disciplines at this level, instead of evaluators.

·         Full implementation Sept 1, 2017.

·         Test Chair - may need assistant whose only job is to handle STAR 1-5 process. There are more duties at this level now and so larger clubs may need a person dedicated to this level to assist the Test Chair, who would then be responsible for all Senior Bronze to Gold tests.

·         There is a possible change to ice allocation/usage, depending on level of tests being done. For instance, STAR 5 freeskate and all dance tests (not elements) require the full ice surface.

·         Be sure that all coaches and club executive are familiar with club procedures for handling tests and results - have training session prior to Sept 1st. There were several different procedures discussed from the trial coaches and clubs and it was stressed that it is an individual decision, depending on what works for the coaches and clubs. However, it is important that all stakeholders are aware of this procedure.

·         When tests are reported and charged and any that may be free and not reported (grandfathered skaters but coach wishes them to try the tests for skill development). Again, it is up to each club as to how often to report, but the common thought is that it would be submitted once a month.

2.  GAMING WORKSHOP (from an audit perspective)

Areas that give the audit staff the most problems:

·         Funds from gaming or raffles etc not deposited into separate gaming account.

·         Each gaming account must have at least 1 board member as signing authority ( preferably treasurer).

·         Gaming account must be reconciled to bank statements.

·         If you get gaming funds, the province must be mentioned on the club website. 

·         Grant funds must be fully dispersed each year.

·         All reports must be delivered within 90 days.


A discussion was held re the new Society Act and its implications for those who fall under this Act, such as skating clubs and Regions. There are 2 classes of jurisdiction – either member-funded or public funded. Any organization that receives gaming funding must be public funded, So this is what all skating clubs that apply for gaming grants will be under.

All submissions will be online and the clubs must have their constitution page and their by-laws in a fillable format (such as Word) that will be able to be uploaded as soon as we are notified that we can proceed.

Michael Blatchford is working with the Section Office to create club templates for constitution and by-laws. These will be able to be personalized for each club but the basic format will be consistent for all clubs and regions. The templates should be available in September. All club by-laws must be within society boundaries.

The deadline for filing is Nov 28,2018 and if not completed by then, the current member will be dissolved.

Each club must complete the registry key for access. Whether there is one person on the executive or more than one should be decided by the club executive.  However, it is important that this information be passed along if that person or persons is no longer a member of the executive.

A definite highlight for me of the weekend was that I received the Coaches Choice Officials Award. The recipient is nominated by coaches and is an official who they feel has a special rapport with both skaters and coaches. I was so surprised and it wasn’t until the MCs announced “from the Sandy Shores SC” that I realized it had to be me!


The committee met on May 13th and set up some tentative dates for Seminars in the coming season:

September 23 - 24, 2017  Parksville, B.C.  - Star 4 & up Skaters Development Seminar

November 19, 2017   Mill Bay, B.C. - Active Start Seminar for Star 1-3

April 21-22, 2018  Competitive Seminar  (TBD)