Monday, November 25, 2013

Latest News as of November 25, 2013

                                         VANCOUVER ISLAND REGION NEWS   

Thank you to all those who helped make the VI Interclub competition a success. To the host club, Fuller Lake, Louisa and her busy group of volunteers, a sincere congratulations on running a great event. The number of skaters participating, many for the first time in the newly redeveloped Star events, was exciting and the atmosphere in the arena reflected that excitement. Thanks to the officials for once again dedicating their time to our VI event and to all the coaches who helped keep their skaters organized and ready to go.
The LTT seminar that followed the Interclub was also a great success. The 36 participants were kept busy learning new skills, honing old ones and generally having a great time both off and on the ice. Their souvenir Olympic red mittens were a treasured gift that will remind them of their experience at this fun and worthwhile event. Congratulations to all the participants and coaches for making the seminar a success. Particular thanks to Judy Burwash and the Skater's Development Committee for all their hard work!
Good Luck to all our Vancouver Island Region skaters who are moving onto the Skate Canada Challenge events in Regina next month.
    Congratulations to Karen Mallon for completing her Level 2 Data 
    Specialist Qualifications and to Kate McNeil for being promoted 
    to judge Novice Singles.  Also accolades to Cedar 
    Bridgewood and Geralyn Nonesa for receiving their Primary
    Promotions at the recent beginning judges clinic.

New Guidelines for Elements events at competitions are now posted on the BC/YK website. Please consult this site for all the latest technical information, communications and clarifications. Checking in with this section of the website regularly is highly recommended.

                                      Club News (as seen in Thin Ice)
Juan de Fuca's New Team of Coaches

Juan de Fuca welcomes Leslee and Larry Rushton to their coaching team!  We are very happy to have such experienced and well respected "newcomers" come on board. (Our coaches have a grand total of nearly 130 years of experience!)  The club hosted a Meet and Greet in the spring so the families could see and hear first hand the future plans for the skaters.  Summer School went very well and the new format of "Team Coaching" was well received. 
On Sept 14 we honoured our coaches by acknowledging BC Coaches Week with treats and goodies.  We asked them what kept them coaching and got some super replies and sent them reminiscing.  Dave MacDonald's fondest memory is of a skater passing her Gold Figures in the early 80s.  It was his first as a coach and very difficult to attain in those days.  Annaliese Forgiarini loves the "ah-ha moments", when the kids achieve their firsts whether it be a loop jump, a test or a competition result, these things just keep her going.  Deanna Young is "inspired by the kids that I get to work with every day.  I enjoy giving back to the club in which I grew up with and love to share my passion for the sport with my skaters." Leslee and Larry collaborated as they have for the past 26 years and talked of the many ice shows their own children were able to be a part of, having three National Champions in two years, Mr. and Mrs. Porter who were in their 70s competing in Dance and teaching not one but two blind children how to skate!

Oak Bay's Jamie McGrigor
Fitting how on BC Coaches Week we can salute one of our own.  Congratulations to Jamie McGrigor of the Oak Bay Skating Club who, along with his partner, Kathy Hutchinson, was inducted into the Cambridge Ontario Sports Hall of Fame this spring.  Jamie and Kathy were the Junior National Pairs Champions in 1973 and together won gold medals while competing in Grand Prix events in France and Germany.  We are proud to have such a fine example of Canadian history among our list of elite coaches.

Thank you to all of our coaches who share their wealth of knowledge and expertise with our athletes young and old.

Racquet Club Skater Highlights !

Two of our skaters, Veronica Smith and Kelsey Ross, are now skating with Disney on Ice. Former RC skaters Jill Noel and Laura Sawchuk are now attending McGill and Western Universities.