Wednesday, July 13, 2016

VI Region July News and Update of Directory

The annual planning meeting of the VI Region Executive was held this past weekend in Parksville. As a result of this end of season wrap up and initiating the start of the 2016-17 skating season, the Region Directory has been updated and included in the EXECUTIVE Tab on the website. All names and contact information for the VI Region Board, Committee Chairs and Committee Members as well as the Executive portfolios are included in this tab.

 Special Announcement:
The VI Region's Annual seminar for Star 3 and higher skaters is now full. A waitlist is currently being taken. This huge response is due to the seminar leader for this year KURT BROWNING!
We all look forward to this seminar and having Kurt share his experience and talents with our skaters.

                                            **2016 BC/YK SECTION AWARDS **

The annual BC/YK Section Hall of Fame Inductions and Awards were presented at a sold out celebration banquet on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Hosted by Ted Barton and guest Tracy Wilson, and assisted by Liam Firus and Keven Reynolds, the banquet hall was filled with enthusiastic skaters, parents, coaches, officials, guests and many volunteers from all around our section.

Hall of Fame Inductees:

Coaching Category: Dr. Hellmut May – renowned Kerrisdale coach who came to Canada from Germany in 1954 and coached many national and international competitors
Official Category: Jean Heffernan – lifelong volunteer accountant, Chief Accountant at Worlds in Vancouver in 1960
Athlete Category: Tracy Wilson – B.C. native who along with her dance partner Rob McAll, won 7 Canadian Dance titles, 3 World Bronze Medals and a 1988 Olympic Bronze Medal
Athlete Category: Barry and Louise Soper- 4 consecutive Canadian Dance titles, 9th place at the 1972 Worlds
Lifetime Achievement Award: George Hatton
Volunteer Award of Excellence: Gail Weber
Coaches Choice Award: Jane Sawbridge
Dogwood& amp; Volunteer Award: Margot Delorme
Audrey Moore Participation Award: Susan Morriss
Sections Officials Award: Cheyenne Irvine
Officials Award: Sherri McAndless
Susan Griffin Committee Chairman Award: Sharon Dahl
Elizabeth Swan Memorial Award: Lesley Morrison
Recreation Coach Award of Excellence: Marilyn Kreuzinger
Section Volunteer Coach of the Year: Colleen Laferriere
Competitive Coach of the Year: Joanne McLeod
Competitive Athlete of the Year: Sarah Tamura
Adult Skater of the Year: Nancy Edwards
CanSkater of the Year: Valen Collins
StarSkate Athlete of the Year: Claire Sibbald
Program Assistant of the Year: Sarah Wildy
Skaters Award of Achievement: Riley Condon
Youth Promise Awards: Aleksa Rakic, Olivia Gran, Vasilisa Matantseva