Monday, April 03, 2017

Congratulations and Thank you Karen Mallon!

The VI Region Tri-Annual meeting was held on Sunday, April 2 in Parksville. Twelve of our seventeen island clubs were represented; The Region and Executive said good bye to an 18 year member, Karen Mallon. Karen has served in the Judges' Bureau Chair and has been a wonderful ambassador for the Region. Thank you Karen for all your years of dedication. Karen was presented with a beautiful 'Wolf' design earring and necklace/pendant set, in appreciation.

The VI Board welcomes Colleen Norton-Jones onto the Executive, replacing Karen in the Judges' Bureau capacity.  Susan Morriss was re-elected in the First Vice Chair position, Patricia Anderson will be returning as Secretary and Laurie Coombs will continue in the Director-at-Large spot.

Announcements:  The Kelowna Skaters Training Camp will be held April 14 - 16th

ISU Adult International will be held in Richmond, B.C., August 21 - 26, 2017

Autumn Leaves will be in Chilliwack this year.

BC/YK Sections is November 9 - 12 in Parksville, B.C.

Kerry Park is the host for Interclub in the Fall of 2017

Canadian Championships are in Vancouver in January, 2018 as a prelude to the Winter Olympic Games
**those wishing to volunteer for the Canadian Championships must volunteer prior to the event at either the BC/YK Summer Skate or the Adult International event

2018  B.C. Winter Games are in Kamloops. February 22-25, 2018

Grand Prix Final in Vancouver, December 2018

Online Safe Sport Webinars are available for coaches, officials and team leaders. The topic: 'Respect in Sport' is highly recommended. Entrance to the online programs is with your Skate Canada membership #.