Club News & Accolades

The Campbell River Skating Club is jumping into the 2016/2017 season
with a new
Team of Coaches, online registration and plans for an Ice Show.
Welcome to…
Head Coach                         CanSkate Coach             Off Ice Coach and Freelance Coach

  Rae Anne Hesketh                    Julia Bowles                                  Keri Bemister

We are pleased to have Rae Anne as our Head Coach with over 35 years of coaching experience. 
 We also introduce Julia, a Senior skater who recently attended the CanSkate Coach training and is a coach-in-training being mentored by Rae Anne. 

We are also pleased to have Keri join our team.  Keri will be focused on implementing our Off Ice Program following the philosophy of Skate Canada’s Guide to Long-Term Athlete Development. 
Our Off Ice Training Development goals for this season are….”Through providing Off-Ice classes that develop agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, cardio and strength training, to build a well-rounded skater following Skate Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Module. To introduce and educate skaters on warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching, proper nutrition and hydration as an important part of an athlete’s daily routine.”


We are excited to be able to offer online registration to our skating community.  We were looking for something that would be a ‘one stop shop’ that would allow members to register for any of our programs, at their convenience, save our Club volunteers time with registration, fundraising/volunteering, email management and allow our Coaches a tracking mechanism for skater development.  We found that Uplifter was exactly what we were looking for and it is far exceeding our expectations.

“Uplifter is a web-based club and athlete management system that makes it easy to create, track and manage the skill development goals and achievements of individual athletes, while greatly improving the efficiency of club operations and driving increased revenues.”

Congratulations to these skaters who finished strong at the Super Series competition in Parksville.

Megan Weber, Bronze Medal
Junior Silver Women

Sierra Petrovcic, Silver Medal
Star 4 over 13 yrs

Celeste Gale, Bronze Medal
Star 4 under 13 yrs

Campbell River Skating Club

It’s the friends we make along the way that we celebrate! skaters ~ families ~ Executive ~ Coaches.
We are wrapping up the year with a jump in membership, great results at competitions-congratulations-the beginnings of a great off ice program and welcoming 13 CanSkaters to our STARSkate program.

Retirement Notice ~ Jannine Ranniger

It is with mixed emotions that we announce Jannine’s retirement. We are sad to see her leave our team, and recognize her dedication to the sport of figure skating. But, we are excited for her and what lays ahead. We hear from her past students about the positive impact she has had on their lives as youths and how it helped them succeed as adults. It truly takes a ‘village’ to raise a child!
Jannine began coaching in the fall of 1977 with the Mt. Paul FSC in Kamloops after performing with Holiday on Ice. She then went on to coach with Valleyview, Logan Lake, Vernon and Enderby skating clubs in the Okanagan Region. Returning to VI coaching at her home club the Victoria FSC and finally at the Campbell River SC for the past 24 yrs; a total of 39 yrs.
Jannine plans on spending time painting watercolour, a bit of travelling, fishing with her husband, Mark, and being able to have more time with her granddaughters Piper, Quinn and Adelaide. Of course she will be teaching them how to skate - goes without saying! She says that she will not miss the crazy coaches’ schedule but does wonder if she can do a ‘normal’ schedule after so many years.

"Will truly miss the skaters who really love to skate. Skate your heart out ~ Live Love Skate ❤️" Jannine