VI Reg. Grant Applications


Vancouver Island Region – Skate Canada

This grant is available to skaters competing in singles, pairs, dance and synchronized skating upon application for Western Challenge, National Events and/or International Events.  This grant is not applicable to Canada Winter Games, Adult and High School/Collegiate Competitions.


1.               Skater/Team must be member in good standing of a Skate Canada Club within the Vancouver Island Region (“VI”) and must represent a VI Club at the competition. 

2.               Skater/Team must train at least 75% of the time in a VI Club. 

3.               Must participate in at least one (1) Region function each year as a volunteer.  (3 hours of volunteer hours is required for each grant application)   

4.               Skater/Team must have competed at Challenge and/or Canadian Junior or Canadian National Event and/or International Event in the current skating season. 

5.               Applications must be signed by the skater’s/team’s Primary Coach and Home Club Test Chairperson to verify the accuracy of the application.

6.               Skater/Team must conduct her/him/themselves in an appropriate manner as defined by Skate Canada’s Skaters Code of Conduct. 

7.               The application must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the applicable competition referenced in #4 above.   (*if the grant application is not received within 30 days of the completion of the event it will not be considered – separate application required for each grant) 

Questions:  email Judy Burwash at

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Mail application to:   Lynne Henderson-Drake,

1765 Captain John Crescent, Campbell River, BC  V9W 8C4